Blood Country

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Based on the true events told in the short story “The Outlaw, the Sheriff, and the Governor” by Robert E. Jones,¬†Blood Country¬†is a Western set in Mississippi.

After Joe Loftin (Chris Bosarge) is accused of killing his brother Moses, with whom he had an ongoing feud, he evades the law in a series of amazing circumstances. A honorable man, Dan Lee (Cotton Yancey), is asked to be the new sheriff and end the violence that has torn apart this community. With the help of Deputy Webb Langston (Jeremy London), he seeks to bring Joe to justice and uphold the law at all cost.

Director’s Note: Why I Made Blood Country

My grandfather introduced me to the book Mississippi Gumbo years ago. I didn’t read all of it; one story about infidelity and an attempted murder caught my attention, a Southern Film Noir we still haven’t made. When a script I wrote as the next Mississippi movie was met with little excitement by our core investors, I went back to the book and this time found “The Outlaw, the Sheriff, and the Governor.” While turning the pages for this story, I felt I’d never read material more well-suited for the screen. At first I didn’t even want to write a script, the story itself would do: it is full of thrills and those incredible human actions (good and bad) that amaze us.

The title Blood Country came immediately and everything else followed rather quickly. I am passionate about Westerns and this was my first, though set in an unconventional location. With this movie I had several ambitions: to bring this wild true story to the screen, to explore the Western genre and its themes of justice, to make a “Southern” Western like has never been done before, to further navigate the ideas of violence then and now in our country, and most of all to make a good movie with good performances. I hope you enjoy the film.

-Travis Mills