Bride of Violence

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Based on the short story by Lawrence Block (author of 8 Million Ways to Die and A Walk Among the Tombstones), Bride of Violence concerns Dennis and Kate, a young Christian couple, who go camping a few months before their wedding and become prey to a series or horrific events. Taken hostage by an escaped convict and tortured, plagued by apocalyptic visions from the book of Revelation, and surrounded by maniacs in the woods, Dennis and Kate fight to stay together and alive.

Director’s Note

Bride of Violence (currently in post-production) has evolved a lot through the years. I originally optioned the short story from a book of Block’s that collected his college works. The first script was only forty pages. It was a straight-up thriller, no horror elements at all. I took that and gave it to another director who was working with us at the time. He rewrote the script to expand it into a feature however the project just didn’t come together. It wasn’t till much later that I had an idea to make the religious elements of the story even more prominent and add the visions from Revelation. I grew up Christian and that apocalyptic book from the Bible always had an effect on me.

The movie was re-envisioned as a horror thriller. We only had so much time to make it before our option on Block’s story ran out and decided it was better to do it than to lose it. So in January 2017 we set out to shoot the entire movie near Globe, Arizona in only ten days for a meager budget. What we continue to polish for release is our most disturbing work to date. I am interested to see how audiences will feel about it.

-Travis Mills