Cornbread Cosa Nostra

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Based on the true events surrounding the Dixie Mafia, a notorious crime organization in the South, Cornbread Cosa Nostra follows FBI agent Kurt Cadell (Britton Webb) and his partner Roy (Marcus Hinton) as they investigate these crooks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the 1980s.

Director’s Note

For our fourth Mississippi movie (currently in post-production), I chose the Dixie Mafia as our subject. The controversial history of this organization (some Southerners still claim it was a made up Yankee conspiracy) felt too good to not make a movie about. But I didn’t want to do a factual account of what happened in the 1980s surrounding the Dixie Mafia’s assassination of a judge and his wife. The movie felt wild to me, like a Warren Zevon song.

Gus Edwards, who reads all my scripts first, said it has a “tabloid” quality, a subgenre of crime cinema that has mostly been abandoned in recent years. I certainly hope so. No matter what, this movie is like nothing else we’ve ever done.

-Travis Mills