Counting Bullets

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One of 12 westerns in 12 months, Counting Bullets tells the story of a small group of cavalry soldiers who are pinned down in a canyon by the enemy. Over the course of a few days, they are forced to face their differences and rely on each of their instincts to survive.

The cast features John Marrs, Michael Estridge, Wayne Lundy, William Shannon Williams, John Charles Dickson, Thomas Ramsey, and Travis Mills.

The Fifth of 12 Westerns: Director’s Note

This was the first of the 12 Westerns to be born in the process of making them. Its conception came out of necessity, as we were forced to rethink how we could keep making Westerns safely and without causing a stir on social media. We quietly planned this Cavalry Action picture, a throwback to the Men-on-a-Mission movies I loved as a kid. It would be shot with just a handful of actors, a crew of two or three, the most minimal budget, and out of the middle of nowhere to limit both infection from the virus and public exposure.

-Travis Mills