Don't Come Around Here

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When he learns that his father may not have much longer to live, Chuck goes back to the home he ran away from. There he must come to terms with his troubled brother Lenny, his own fears, and a secret he has been hiding for years.

Don’t Come Around Here won Best Mississippi Film at the 2017 Oxford Film Festival. The drama is directed by Navid Sanati and produced by Travis Mills.

The Journey of Don’t Come Around Here

Don’t Come Around Here is a film we had been in development for years. Originally, this was based on a script Gus Edwards wrote titled The Call. He gave it to me to work on and I rewrote the script, changing the setting from rural New York to back-country Arizona. I also changed the lead characters from African-American to caucasian country folks. For a couple years I considered directing the film myself but somehow it never happened. Navid Sanati started working with Running Wild Films and after his short film Pawn, I felt he was ready to make his feature debut. The script felt right for Navid, who brought a raw edge to his short film about drug addicts. And after all that, we changed the setting to Mississippi and produced the film there in late 2016.

-Travis Mills