Heart of the Gun

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One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, Heart of the Gun tells the story of Jack Travers, a bitter man who searches the Arizona territory for his long lost wife. Along the way, he finds a mysterious woman named Sarah, the only survivor from a group of travelers who were massacred. Sarah accompanies Travers along his dark journey, a violent odyssey that may lead them to redemption. 

The cast features John Marrs, Amber Rose Mason, Jay Pickett, and Travis Mills. 

The Twelfth of 12 Westerns: Director’s Note

And now we come to the last of the twelve. Originally slated to be shot in June, it ultimately seemed appropriate that this film be the final one of our wild project. It was the script I cared most about, the most personal I’ve ever written. It had the biggest budget. It gave John his biggest role yet. It has a chance to reteam with Nick Fornwalt, one of my favorite people to work with. And finally, it was an opportunity to combine everything I’d learned all year, plus all the lessons I’ve learned the last decade as a filmmaker, and make the best movie I could. If this were my last film ever, I would be content with the work I’ve done.

-Travis Mills