Porches and Private Eyes

Where to Watch

Ann Margaret, Patsy Lynn and Jenny Rose are not unlike most Southern women. They attend church on Sundays in their respective denominations, enjoy making and consuming a good Southern meal with sweet tea of course and… they have a little porch-sitting gossip circle.

But when Jimmy Preston, an eccentric in their small town, disappears and a new stranger in town named Paul West is the main suspect, the women turn from rumors to sleuthing to solve the mystery. In a journey that leads them from haunted mansions to the backwoods of Mississippi, these ladies have the time of their lives in this comedic murder-mystery, Porches and Private Eyes.


Why Brookhaven, MS?

Brookhaven, Mississippi is a home away from home for the Running Wild Films team. Director Travis Mills was first drawn to making films in this wonderful town because of his family history: retired Judge Donald Patterson, his grandfather, still resides in Brookhaven. The warm support from the community brought Running Wild back to Mississippi over and over and it was our dream to produce a feature film there.

With the help and support of local producers Greg Russell and James Minter, we developed the idea for Porches and Private Eyes, which is not only a film set in Brookhaven but a film about Brookhaven. James Minter described the movie as a “love letter” to the town.

Our production was greeted with grace and hospitality and we left Brookhaven feeling that it is the perfect place to make movies, soon to return again.