Silver Slipper

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Silver Slipper tells the story of Rian, a young woman, who decides to auction off her virginity online. Based on similar real life situations, we follow Rian during the summer after her high school graduation as she goes through the process of selling her “first time”.

Winner of Best Actress at the 2019 FestivalSouth Film Expo. 

Director’s Note


I was inspired to make this film when I read about a website where women from around the world can auction off their virginity. This seemed so indicative of our times and I wondered what the process a young woman goes through to do so such a thing might look like.
KK Starrs appeared in our movie Cornbread Cosa Nostra and she impressed me very much in that one day of filming. The character of Rian was conceived with her mind. She would be in every scene. This would be her story.
From the start, I didn’t want this to be like any film we’d made before. For one, I wanted to play with improvisation more than before. There was no traditional script. Sometimes dialog was sketched out for the actors to work with; other times I set them loose with just a basic idea.
Furthermore, cinematographer Jared Kovacs and I decided to shoot the film in a “new” aspect ratio. The notion came from what a French filmmaker (Xavier Dolan) did with his movie Mommy. Also, the vertical framing seemed appropriate in a film about the smart phone generation. It was thrilling to rethink the placement of our camera with this flipped perspective and fresh images presented themselves throughout the process.
Silver Slipper was created by just a few people, the smallest crew I’ve ever had. Along with a gallery of people who helped us with locations and food, the team consisted of only Jared Kovacs (acting as his own operator, gaffer and grip), Elizabeth Ketchmark (our assistant) and myself (directing and capturing sound with the boom mic). It was an intimate way to work, creating a feature film with practically “nothing”, returning to the roots of Running Wild Films.