Son of a Gun

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SON OF A GUN takes the wild legend of the bullet pregnancy and spins it into a feature-length narrative set during the Civil War.

Nearly a decade after the Civil War, a doctor in Vicksburg submitted a story to a medical journal that has since become legend. Legrand Capers told the tale of a bullet that miraculously passed through the private parts of one soldier and entered the womb of a young woman, impregnating her. Legrand’s wild yarn was published and to this day has been debated, disputed, and even believed by many.

What might be the truth behind this tall tale? Our film Son of a Gun explores this question as we follow Legrand through the telling of the “minie ball pregnancy” in a three-part narrative featuring a trio of actors in the lead role: Miles Doleac, Shannon Williams, and Cotton Yancey.

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