The Big Something

Where to Watch

Lewis is a down-and-out record clerk sleeping in the back of the store where he works. That is until his boss is found dead one morning. The police call it suicide but Lewis suspects foul play. He gets to sleuthing with the help of his co-worker April and along the way they encounter the craziest characters in this comedic homage to old time detective movies.

Director’s Note: The First Running Wild Feature Film

The Big Something was our first feature film as a company and mine as a director. We shot for fourteen days in the intense Arizona summer with a tiny crew, on a budget of little over 1,000 dollars. I was called a “fool” by professional filmmakers and film professors to even think we could pull it off… and we did. It’s fun, it’s silly; I think it represents young people making movies with their hearts and nothing else.

-Travis Mills