The Curse of the Dragon Sword

Where to Watch

Alex Cox, director of cult classic films such as Repo Man and Sid & Nancy presents a Kung Fu adventure following a father and daughter duo as they seek to reforge the mythic Dragon Sword in order to exact revenge on a powerful warrior.

The Curse of the Dragon Sword is a co-production from Blue Dragon Films and Running Wild Films, written and directed by Jason Helps. The movie was produced by Phelps and Travis Mills.

A Kung Fu Movie in Colorado?

While working together on the Alex Cox-directed Tombstone-Rashomon, I had the chance to see the two Dragon Sword short films Jason made in Boulder, Colorado. I was so impressed that I immediately insisted he make a feature and offered to produce it. Why? These short films feature such a fun balance of slapstick humor, action and cinematic beauty. I really wanted to see what Jason could do with a feature film.

Months later, we braved a cold Colorado Winter and shot this film in ten days. It was a tough shoot but a good one and I have to say that Jason pulled it off again. I am so proud of this comedic film, the most fun feature we have produced to date. It was an honor to work with Blue Dragon Films and Jason.

-Travis Mills