The Detective's Lover

Where to Watch

Scott Miller, a journalist, is in over his head after he interviews a private detective and finds himself involved with the man’s mistress. Soon, he’s on the run and must become a detective to uncover the truth in a web of lies. The Detective’s Lover is a Film Noir set in present day Phoenix, Arizona.

Director’s Note: A Modern Film Noir

Ah… our second feature film. The one where I decided to not only write, produce and direct but also take the lead role. In all seriousness, I am very happy I did it whether it was the best decision or not is left up to the audience.

Other than Westerns, Film Noir is my favorite genre and I wanted to make a straight-forward Noir picture (not something winking at the genre) with a modern setting. I think on some levels we succeeded. I’m proud of the cinematography, the music, many of the locations and overall what we were able to pull off again on such a tight budget.

-Travis Mills