The New Frontier

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One of 12 Westerns in 12 Months: this film tells the story of two women, isolated in the wilderness, whose peaceful life is forever changed when a third woman arrives one day. Along with her, a supernatural force lurks in the woods nearby.

The cast features Elley Ringo, Jenna Ciralli, and Alyssa Dufren.

The Seventh of 12 Westerns: Director’s Note

Also conceived at the dawn of the 12 Westerns, first scripted in 2014, The New Frontier or Frontier as it was originally called has always been a passion project. I knew it would be difficult if not impossible to find funding for. My investors tend to be more conservative with their choices and a lesbian-themed B&W Western with werewolves seemed a little far fetched to appeal to their sensibilities. I ended up funding this entirely on my own, paying myself for various jobs on the other projects and going broke to get it made. 

It also seemed challenging to find the right actresses to pull off these characters, not to mention people open-minded enough to even dare to approach the material. I was very fortunate to find the three leading ladies and I will always be grateful for this experience, so far my best collaboration with actors.

-Travis Mills