At the Cowpokes Film Festival in Electra, Texas, two of our 12 Westerns won a total of 10 awards including Best Western Feature and Best Director of a Western Feature.

Here is the full list of awards:
Best Western Feature – She was the Deputy’s Wife
Best Director (Western Feature) –  Travis Mills – She was the Deputy’s Wife
Best Actor (Western Feature) – John Marrs – Counting Bullets
Best Actress (Western Feature) – Megan Therese Rippey – She was the Deputy’s Wife
Best Supporting Actor (Western Feature) – Michael Estridge – Counting Bullets
Best Supporting Actress (Western Feature) – Babe McGuire – She was the Deputy’s Wife
Best Cinematography (Western Feature) – Jared Kovacs – Counting Bullets
Best Score Festival Director’s Choice – Christopher Hart – Counting Bullets
Best Romance Festival Director’s Choice – She was the Deputy’s Wife
Best Poster (Western Feature) 3rd Place – She was the Deputy’s Wife
In addition, John Marrs won six awards for his short film The Bank Robbery.
Best Western Short
Best Director (Western Short) – John Marrs
Best Actor (Western Short) – John Marrs
Best Supporting Actor (Western Short) – Alexander Mills
Best Child Actor – Zoey Jean Blair
Best Comedy
A big thanks to the festival and the fellow filmmakers, many of whom we’ve now made great connections with. Again, please order copies of our films and watch them on Amazon!