These are diary entries, tracking my progress and process making the 12 Westerns in 12 Months project. Every now and then I will be publishing these daily notes that were taken on my phone. They have not been edited at all.



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OCTOBER 2, 2019


Yesterday Jared and I drove from Brookhaven to Austin, not a bad trip. Most of it was filled with discussions of movies, Bastard’s Crossing, and life events. I am trying to laugh first at things that frustrate me, as an initial reaction, sort of a shield. Then process them. Then decide if action needs to take place. 

OCTOBER 3, 2019


The remaining journey to Arizona seemed to go on and on but we finally arrived, dropping Jared off in Tucson to be taken home by his girlfriend and picking up Mary Beth to double back to Tombstone. When we arrived at the place we’re staying, the water was off and seems to have been disabled by the city. I’m sure it will be fixed this morning. I am trying to concentrate on how to make progress on my other projects even in the smallest ways while I am focused here on Deputy’s Wife

OCTOBER 4, 2019


I feel like this has been a nonstop stretch since Jared flew in a week and a half ago, like production will be but without the glorious energy of filming. Every day has been packed with human interaction and I feel tapped out. 
The last two days with Mario and Mary Beth have been good, also enlightening about personalities and realistic expectations. We tried to go through every scene of the script but couldn’t, getting stuck on the details on so many of them, which led to good work but prevented us from doing as much as we can. 

A picture taken while scouting for She was the Deputy’s Wife at Gammons Gulch.



Deputy’s Wife is going to be such a hard film to make. But they all will be. 

OCTOBER 5, 2019


It is nice to be alone after a week and a half of almost constant human interaction. I went to the festival for a brief moment today and was immediately reminded why i would rather be “home” working, relaxing with Bandit. 

OCTOBER 6, 2019


I hit the Texas Red schedule hard this morning, rethinking almost everything I’d done before. It’s brutal but necessary to go over these scenes over and over again to determine the best order to shoot them. 
I’m worried about horses. I’m worried lodging. Those are my two main concerns. 

OCTOBER 7, 2019


Today I left Tombstone and drove to Superior. I should have predicted it would take most of the rest of the day to get things at the RV situated and running again. Nevertheless I powered through to complete most of my tasks with most of the day behind me. 
I am hoping to find locations for the Pearl Hart story while I’m in this area since after all this is where it all happened. It would be great to feel some momentum for that project outside of the script. 

OCTOBER 8, 2019


Today, I feel like I have serious momentum. I’ve figured out, after toiling away at it for a few hours, how we might shoot Texas Red in 20 days. I feel exhausted just looking at the schedule but it seems the best possible plan.
Also for the first time since its conception, I know who will play Travers and Sarah. I spoke with Amber on the phone today, finally confirming with her. She’s been in limbo waiting to hear if I want to move forward or not. Attaching Miles as Travers feels more solid with every passing day. Now I have my leads. It’s moving. 
Furthermore, I sent two emails today to potential investors for other projects. Nothing may come from these connections but it’s exciting to have new possibilities regardless of what the outcome might be. 

OCTOBER 9, 2019


No one can remember a damn thing anymore. Literally no one remembers anything anyone says. Our brains are totally fucked as a culture. 
I enjoyed lunch with Gus tremendously. I was happy to hear he feels good about my attempt at diverse casting and the way I’m going about it. We practiced our lines for Two Drifters. I have to get comfortable with the French to the point where I can really feel the emotions through the language. Right now I’m just trying to sound right. 
Spent the day jumping from various projects. It’s not tough to keep the stories straight but sometimes it is tough when say I go back into Bastard’s call sheets after not looking at them for a few days. Then I’m not clear where exactly I left off or what my thought process was when I did. But this work now will make the work later easier. 

OCTOBER 10, 2019


An actor on one of the Westerns is testing the hell out of my patience. It’s defying my instincts to not immediately replace him as he is the only person giving me any issues. He is constantly missing the most simple communications and directions, and also somehow manages to be stepping outside of his role to do things I never asked him to do… he’s an inch away from being dropped from the cast. 

OCTOBER 11, 2019


The reading last night went far better than I imagined it would. I left thinking of all the different ways I need to direct each personality but one thing was evident: the cast will make this script stronger than what it is on the page which is actually proof that the script itself is stronger than it seems. 

Today however was difficult. After driving home late last night, I arrived back at the rv after midnight and couldn’t sleep well because of the strong winds. I kept getting woken up by these gusts creating all kinds of noises on the rv. This threw off my morning and my thought process. 
I spent much of the day writing deal memos and then revising them for Deputy’s Wife and arranging what next weekend, my busiest yet in Arizona, will look like. I hope to make tomorrow and complete all the tasks I did not accomplish today. Things need to get crossed off the list, not just pushed down the line. 

OCTOBER 13, 2019


I lost another four hours today driving, four hours that could have been spent elsewhere. But a friend helped me feel that perhaps some work was happening in my mind during those hours. Regardless they were necessary. 
I think today’s trip to see the actors work with the horses they’ll be paired with in the film was just as important for getting to know the humans as it was for their connection to the horses. I don’t want to get too close to any of these actors but seeing them interact, hearing more about them does give me insight into how we’ll work together. 

OCTOBER 14, 2019


A better day today. Productive. I wrote several scenes for Pearl Hart. It’s that downhill pace where you know you’re reaching the end. 
I’m moving forward with Texas Red too, casting two roles today. 
Something that has been on my mind again, the difference in my lifestyle depending on where I am. 
Arizona life: black coffee, canned food, no pillow, dust, whiskey from the bottle. 
Mississippi life: light brown coffee, steak, a king sized bed, sweat, red wine. 

OCTOBER 15, 2019


I’m running into a headache of an issue with the insurance for this short Western we’re trying to shoot next week on 16mm. The insurance companies are only quoting me the equivalent of what I’d pay for a feature film even though we’re only filming for a day because of their bullshit minimums… it’s mega frustrating and I’m trying to figure out a solution that is more cost effective.

OCTOBER 16, 2019


Lunch with Gus is always a good break from the issues and he’s a good sounding board for all that’s going on. 
I spoke with Miles today about moving forward on Heart of the Gun. He still seems very committed to producing it with me. I think that might be just the time in the 12 Westerns when I need some producing assistance. 

OCTOBER 17, 2019


I feel a momentum today like I haven’t felt in weeks. Finally I have a good schedule for BASTARD’S. By the end of these 12 Westerns, I should be able to schedule any damn movie that comes my way. 

OCTOBER 19, 2019


Last night I had quite a little adventure. I met Jasper, Gigi, Big Boy, Soggy Bottom, Number 1 and Number 2 (all dogs, cats, and pigs). I also met Zoe, three years old, and her mother Lucy who live on the lonesome coconut ranch, a place that feels like a hippie haven in the middle of the desert. We walked over to Pete and Delight’s place, two more kind hippies, and the entire entourage of dogs and cats followed us, even the tiny Soggy Bottom who must not be much more than two months old. These neighbors cooked burgers for dinner and they burned the first round to black charcoal patties because they talk so much. But they tell good stories and have an earthy warmth that made me believe in humans again.
The ranch is close to the western town and might be a place where I can board people during our shoot. I fear that some of them might be too picky to stay there. For me it is the kind of ideal place to stay while making a western, comfortable enough without separating you too much from the reality of the land. 
Merina arrived last night from LA. We spoke briefly before both passing out. She confessed to me that her film job in Mississippi had fallen through. That was the reason she was driving out this way and also the reason we had scheduled her scout of Gammons today. Now she is just coming here for this sole purpose and driving back to California. She asked for nothing. I told her that I must pay her gas to get here and back. I told her about some of the wilder plans of the 12 Westerns. She listened with a skeptical look, reminding me much of Nick whose traditional instincts are often challenged by my crazy ideas. 

OCTOBER 20, 2019


Yesterday’s scout at Gammons was productive if rushed at the end. Seven hours sounds like a long time but it goes by very quickly when thinking out scenes. I was impressed with Merina’s ability to stay grounded in our conversation, present in the discussion of the scenes and story. In my experience, cinematographers have a tendency to get dreamy in these discussions. Their minds drift to exposure, the placements of light and camera, living in the future set moment instead of the present one. Merina didn’t do this which helped our conversation flow and left me with a positive feeling from the day. 


While scouting at Gammons for A Guide to Gunfighters of the Wild West.


OCTOBER 21, 2019


An unexpected visit replaced several hours of work yesterday. I found myself divided between the pleasures of companionship, conversation and my duties. Does one replenish the other? When I go to bed after working hard all day, I feel satisfied. When I go to bed after such an interaction, I feel restless, wondering if this personal connection was worth the work I gave up or if it will mean nothing in the days to come. 

OCTOBER 22, 2019


Megan arrived at 4am last night after a long drive from LA. She must be exhausted but I am glad to put the time in to do this. Today we will rehearse at Gammons together and also develop a report as director and lead actress. 
This morning I am trying to play catch up on the emails I’ve received over the past week from extras, etc. Doing my best to make sure I don’t miss anything or anyone. 

OCTOBER 23, 2019


My time with Megan was valuable. We went through just about every scene from the script… and some of our discussions led to realizations for me, things I hadn’t thought of before in terms of these characters and their motivations. We spoke at length. She’s sharp. She also starts good. Starts real. That means she can only get better and better.  


OCTOBER 24, 2019


A picture Nick took while we scouted Tilting H.


Yesterday I was in the car close to eight hours. However, because of the great landscape on 288, it felt better than many of my recent two hour trips. I drove from Tombstone to Young, Arizona. Nearby there is the Tilting H Ranch which Nick and I scouted for Heart of the Gun. It’s a diverse and striking property. Pete, the owner, was different than I thought he’d be but we had a good connection, especially when we started talking Westerns films. I could tell his surprise when I mentioned Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott. We bonded over the dislike for modern Westerns like Hateful Eight and Hostiles, having the same issues with the latter. I encouraged him to watch Bone Tomahawk and said I’d be curious if he’d like Yellowstone or not, suspecting he would find it as phony as I do. 
Seeing Nick was refreshing, our collaboration has this feeling of age and understanding now. There’s an ease that kicks in inside me the minute I see him, like being joined on the street by a friendly gunfighter, a pro, and he knows what we’ve got to do. 

OCTOBER 25, 2019


Our first time working on 16mm film yesterday was super challenging, in ways a normal shoot would not be. Though we did far less takes than normal, the method slowed us down considerably. We had to do far more rehearsal. Our second magazine screwed up and we lost four takes. This was the biggest disappointment of the day since they were good takes and we then had to redo them in different light. This showed how easily on a film things can go bad quickly, especially without experience, though Jared did everything he could to make it work. I enjoyed playing the Frenchman but felt that there wasn’t as much time to play with this way of working. Still, when I woke up this morning, sore and worn out, I was not discouraged at all to shoot on of our 12 Westerns on film. 

Gus and I filming Two Drifters, our first film on 16mm stock.


OCTOBER 26, 2019


Mario and I are back to zero on locking in our camera package for Deputy’s Wife. His top prospect, one that seemed moments away from being confirmed, has become an almost non-option. Everything changed when I spoke to this person on the phone, a terrible conversation that I can’t remember if I wrote about in this diary or not. Regardless it can be summed up by saying that this person and I did not see eye to eye at all: he was hoping to work eight hour days and sounded very hesitant at the sound of our usual 12, he approached me with incredible skepticism though he supposedly trusted Mario’s word on our previous experience, and he wanted “more” but not more compensation. It was odd and one of the worst interactions I’ve had recently. Then for the next week or so we’ve been trying to see if he can get his head right leading to him not wanting to commit. I told Mario that the only reason we want this person is his gear at this point, that the person himself is not bringing value to the team and therefore we need to find someone else. Attitude is the absolute most important thing on films like this and films like this also require a special kind of attitude. 

OCTOBER 28, 2019


I’m running ragged in these last couple days in Arizona. I could fill another three months here, full of prep and planning. It’s hard to leave. It’s hard to think of what I haven’t done that needs to be done. With almost two months left, this is where the pressure really begins. 

OCTOBER 29, 2019


This is my last day in Arizona. The next time I’ll be back in AZ will be for filming in March, by then I will have already made 2 of the 12 Westerns. This month has long by too quickly… I leave for a feeling of sadness that I was not able to see my friends here more, a feeling of anxiety that I could have used at least two more months of prep on the ground here, and finally a feeling of anticipation for my eventual return to this place I love. 

OCTOBER 30, 2019 


This morning I explained to Amelia on the phone, in an effort to encourage her not to give up hope of financial sponsorship for the 12 Westerns, that I have often emailed people and businesses more than 20 times each before receiving a response. That’s the culture we’re living in. People are not responsible about responding but must often be followed up with an incredible amount of times. 
As if on cue, later today I finally received a response from the new costumer at a theater that has helped me out with wardrobe rentals in the past. This comes after emailing him four or five times and calling twice, along with bugging my last contact there (who has unfortunately moved on) to nudge him too. After all that, the response about helping me was negative.  He’s too busy, not just to help but apparently to answer his email and represent the theater well too. This shows more than ever how important the person is when making these connections. If the right ear hears your call, they will be receptive and vice versa. 

OCTOBER 31, 2019 


I’m now in Colorado, spending a few days with my family. The realization is setting in for myself and those around me that things will look different next year than they have before: I won’t be able to make trips like this, I may not be at Christmas, etc. My mom joked about when I might get married and I told her next year I’m married to the 12 Westerns. 


NOVEMBER 2, 2019


Today, though not my usual day of work, was productive with the few moments I did focus on the 12, from emails with Jared and Clark, to gaining more financial backing, and writing the new outline for Frontier on my phone whenever I could. 

NOVEMBER 3, 2019


My notes for today’s live video podcast: 
-I now have confirmed all wagons for the production. Bart Massey will bring two wagons from Alabama
– we have a new investor. 
-I’ve set rehearsal dates with Ashleigh and Ward. The importance of rehearsal. 
-meeting on Friday is a defining moment in funding for Texas Red
-I need to start filling our crew. 
-Paul auditions. 
-releasing Megan and my conversation soon. 
-talk about podcast. 
-might have a major breakthrough with lodging. 
-might have found my makeup artist 
-Anouschka will be our production designer, focus on props and set design. 
– nothing new. I can tell you it deals with Cochise, General Howard, and Jeffords, historical figures but there is a fictional spin on it. 
– still waiting to hear back from the ranch about their feelings on the script. 
-hoping to announce male lead this week 
-really want to get celebrity cameos but unique ones not the ones we’re used to seeing like Lance Henriksen, people we see in every other western. 
-I re read the script and saw a great new direction that I can’t wait to take. Hoping to start the rewrite in the next week or so. 
– tells the story of Willa, Morgan, and the unnamed Rider. It involves werewolves and lesbians. It will be the weirdest of the 12 Westerns. My opportunity to really twist the genre. 
-Gus feedback 
-read some test reader reactions
– I hope to cast a known German actor as Joe Boot 
-reminder about auditions. Joe keeps letting me know how many people might show up. Over 700 interested. 
-really looking forward to my scout in North MS and the possibility of this partnership with another company. They may have found the perfect location with a sunken trace road that runs a good distance. 
-restructuring the script soon 
-meeting with Chinese woman this Tuesday to discuss how she can help connect to the Chinese community in Colorado and back in China. 
-being in the snowy landscape helps me be passionate for this story again. 
Movies: In Pursuit of Honor and the Gunman from Bodie. Starting to study The Nightingale, an Australian dark western on Hulu. 

NOVEMBER 4, 2019


I met with November tonight, the Chinese student who wants to help me make the Colorado western. Her first goal will be to make connections and create buzz in the Chinese American community in Denver. I don’t know what to expect but I have hope this will lead to a good partnership. 

NOVEMBER 5, 2019


Once again I feel an immense pressure with Bastard’s Crossing and Texas Red around the corner. Somehow now I feel like I’m chasing a hat that has blown off my head and is tumbling down a hill, trying to catch it before it goes off the cliff or is swept away by the river below. 
Another image that keeps coming to mind that I would draw if I could animate comic strips: in 2019 I am a man dragging a wagon up a steep slope. The wagon says 12 Westerns on it and inside there are all the actors and crew and props for the film. It’s heavy and I can barely lift it to the peak. In 2020, we are going down the mountain and the wagon is out of control. I am pasted to the front of it as it speeds down the mountain, unstoppable. 
I have dreamt more vividly the past four nights than I have in years, both good and bad dreams. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2019


On the road today from Colorado to Mississippi I had a good call with Kelly, head of costumes at one of the university’s in MS. It sounds like she’s willing to strike the same deal I had with New Stage Theater, a bargain for costume rental. This could be a major coup for the project. 

NOVEMBER 7, 2019


I return to Mississippi with mixed feelings. It felt dark coming in, like entering some foreboding place. But it’s nice to be back in the house. I expected to collapse and sleep but I was filled with energy and jumped right into work. 

NOVEMBER 8, 2018


Today is a victorious day for the 12 Westerns. I left the lunch meeting with a five thousand dollar check for Bastard’s Crossing and a ten thousand dollar check for Texas Red. This is what I needed. I move forward regardless but now I can do so with more strength and less stress. 

NOVEMBER 9, 2019


It’s time to push myself to another level. To stay up later. To work more intensely. Less distractions. Gung ho. 

NOVEMBER 10, 2019


Sometimes my system for managing different projects every day is not efficient. I felt this today as I approached the call sheets for DEPUTY’S WIFE which features a complex schedule. It took a while for me to wrap my head around what I was thinking when I last worked on this, where my head left off. Still, there is no other way to do this project than to find a balance and manage these projects in my mind. This is why I ask my collaborators that we discuss only one thing at a time. 

NOVEMBER 11, 2019


I didn’t get to ride as much as I wanted today. Unfortunately Beau had to do something so we only had an hour and a half in the saddle. He said I did well at first, much more relaxed than last time. I started to get the hang of the foot thing with turning and felt good about it. I lack coordination. Hopefully it will come with time. Alpo bucked me off which was good, not only because I need to get bucked in the scene but also because it feels good when something like that happens and it isn’t so bad. It’s like getting hit in the head while boxing. I like it because it reminds me that it’s not that bad and actually makes me feel more confident. But when I got back on Alpo I was too tight from falling. Still I liked riding. Next time I hope to ride for five or six hours. 
Anouschka and I had a good conversation on the phone tonight. We may be finding a rhythm for working together. 
The task list grows more with each task I cross off of it, like a monster whose head gets cut off and grows three more. 

NOVEMBER 12, 2019


I am definitely on edge today, though some good things have happened. The weather has caused my computer to act up. It seems responsive to the cold, freezing and rebooting over and over again has caused a serious delay in my progress. I’m stopped every 20 mins in what I’m doing… even my cell service seems off today.

NOVEMBER 13, 2019


My scouts today led to potential breakthroughs for Texas Red. I feel very good about filming the Newman Scott drugstore scenes at Serio’s, which has changed a lot but thankfully not too much since we filmed there for Porches 1. Jim was very helpful. 

A cool room at the place I scouted


Then I went to Franklin County to meet Howard at his property but he forgot about our appointment.  This mistake led to great things as I entered an extended conversation with his son Brett, who I didn’t know was his son till halfway through the discussion. He was very engaged and interested in my film work and though he had much to do, took me for a little tour of the property which revealed more possibilities than I was aware of. Howard called before our tour was finished and I went to have lunch with him, which was also positive. It seems the doors are open to us filming there. 
A meeting with Jennifer about makeup for BASTARD was brief but also good. Other than my computer still acting up from the cold, this is a good day. 

NOVEMBER 14, 2019


Great rehearsal today with JD. It’s such a high to see novice actors make significant progress. He also told me about his days as a livestock officer and the wheels have been turning since. I don’t know how I could fit it in the 12 but I sure as hell want to. 

NOVEMBER 15, 2019


Another full day from start to finish, packed with working on these Westerns. I have to take advantage of these days at home so I can make up for the days coming up when I’ll be on the road. There’s so much to do that I could never sleep and still need more time. 
My rehearsal with Beverly went well this morning. She wants to learn and that makes all the difference. I’m waiting now for my second rehearsal of the day with Agata. I’m burnt out and want to postpone but can’t. I can’t postpone anything. I can hesitate even for a moment. 

NOVEMBER 16, 2019


My mom called me this morning and told me of what is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to our Mississippi family. You never know what’s going on inside someone, what they’re truly feeling and thinking, what’s going to happen tomorrow or even by the end of today. Nothing is guaranteed. I despise the saying “it’s all going to be okay” or “it’s all going to work out”. I want to hit people in the mouth who say that. It’s the dumbest statement anyone could ever say. The truth is that it might be okay and it might not. It might work out and it might not. It might be good and it might be bad. This applies to everything. Work. Romance. Life and death. Happiness. 
As I continue to work on the 12 Westerns, this tragic event and it’s meaning consume my mind and my heart. 

NOVEMBER 17, 2019


A strong update today. A good conversation with Anouschka about Gammons and the projects in general. I’m grateful for her support. 
The audition situation pisses me off beyond words. I will never understand actors. 

NOVEMBER 18, 2019


Forty four days till 2020. The countdown has truly begun. I feel momentum. I feel extra energy. I also feel enormous pressure. 
Today, I’m driving to McComb to sign the agreement for the train location, then to Hammond to rehearse with Ashleigh for the first time. I hope to make some progress with her. Then she’s accompanying me to see the Irishman in New Orleans with Miles and Lindsay. Hopefully Miles and I will be able to talk about Heart of the Gun. I sent him a list of name actors I’d like to shoot for in small roles for that film. 
It will be a long day and one mostly away from Bandit but at least I’ll return to him at the end of the night. 

NOVEMBER 19, 2019


I felt progress with Ashleigh. I tried to explain to Joe that it has nothing to do with her getting the voice right. It’s her feeing it. Her being in the situation. Truly in character. Then the voice comes… she doesn’t quite feel it yet. 
One things that’s starting to occur more and more and become somewhat frustrating: lots of people telling me to do things different ways. This person will say do this with a horse while another person says they’re full of shit and says do that instead. Same with wardrobe. Same with just about everything. So how do you manage that? How do you handle conflicting information from people who know better than you do because contradict each other? I guess I just need to listen to those who are most consistently with me. Even if they’re wrong, we’ll learn together. Whereas people with fly by opinions can confuse you… 

NOVEMBER 20, 2019


I went on my first “billventure” since returning to Mississippi. Though he’s been back for a few days, this was the first I saw of Bill, as he’s been too busy to make an appearance back at the homestead. But it was a healthy dose. He exercised my ability to be flexible and patient. I must use my friend as a patience bench press.
In all seriousness, he’s a big help too. We ventured off to look at a source for old cars for Texas Red, finding a huge collection near Bogue Chitto. The owner wasn’t there but Bill called him up, worked his charm, and we may see him next week. 
My meeting with Brad, the owner of two wagons for Bastard’s, also went well. The more strategizing about this the better. Planning is starting to become less theory and more practice. That’s when I feel good inside. 

NOVEMBER 22, 2019


Yesterday, I put the Pump script behind me or mostly behind me. It’s a job I enjoyed doing, script for hire, but as this point I needed to finish it to have one less thing on my calendar. 
The best thing that happened yesterday was hearing that two graduate students from USM are going to help me with wardrobe for Texas Red, selection and measuring in mid December. I desperately need the help, not just because their wardrobe collection is massive but because it’s tough to look at this things without an express pair of eyes to suggest things. 
I’m off to Jackson this morning to wire transfer our SAG deposit for Bastard’s. I don’t want to go but 40 days out… can’t wait for anything anymore. 

NOVEMBER 23, 2019


Technical issues and human interactions are slowing me down. Wish I could make 12 Westerns with only dogs. 
But sometimes humans do amazing things… we got our first official investment for Heart of the Gun today. 

NOVEMBER 24, 2019


38 days out. Really 39 till production but 38 till Jan. 1st when I marry the 12 Westerns and devote myself to nothing else for a year. 
I’m making progress on Texas Red but fear I’m too far behind to really catch up to where I need to be. I’ll never let anything hold me back or slow me down again. No waiting for these projects. That’s my biggest mistake thus far on the 12 Westerns. 

NOVEMBER 25, 2019


A few curve balls through off a productive day: multiple errands, a flat tire, congestion, computer issues. 
But we found our Jonathan and Paul for Deputy’s Wife… that feels good. 

NOVEMBER 26, 2019


Distractions abound. Some good, healthy. Others, obstacles. 
Rehearsal with Ward and Ashleigh was the highlight of today. I love feeling it come together. Come alive. Ward is going to make this character something so much more than the page, like a true actor does. 

Ward and I after rehearsal

NOVEMBER 27, 2019


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Quickbooks trying to resolve the most simple freaking issue, not to mention the time I’ve been online trying to fix it myself. It has been one of the worst customer service experiences of my life and very distracting. I could have written all our cast deal memos in that time, I could have made a week of call sheets, I could have finished ten pages of a script… 

Damn them and damn the time they wasted. This has all become about time and I suppose that’s what it has always been about, making 12 Westerns in specific amount of time. Well, the clock is ticking loud in my head tonight. 

NOVEMBER 28, 2019


I drove today with Bandit to Meridian where I’ll be for the next few days. We had a good thanksgiving with Joe’s family. It was nice to exchange ideas with Joe in a non rushed environment where the thoughts could just flow as they came. I’m grateful for his interest in this project and his dedication to it. He may be one of the most surprising collaborators I’ve had. 

NOVEMBER 29, 2019


Other than a few bumps in communication, my first full day in Meridian was successful. We saw a handful of potential locations for Turn and Burn. Considering the movie doesn’t have a ton of locations, seeing just a few that very well may work felt like putting a good dent into pre-production. 
I met with Howard and it went kinda as expected: mostly focused on his projects with a little cameo talk about my projects near the end. I don’t have high hopes for what will come from it but I also don’t feel negative about what occurred. At the end of the day, Joe and I talked through changes that would need to be made to the script if we did get these locations and I managed to pump out all the Bastard’s cast contracts after that, still incredibly behind on everything I need to do…

NOVEMBER 30, 2019


Bandit before the casting call.


It’s raining now on the rv as I am falling asleep. What a day… of course like most casting calls, we were crazy busy at first and then it slowed down. I had my favorites and Joe had his. But we meet in the middle on some of them.  It will be a tough choice. 


-Travis Mills