As we continue development of our next ambitious project, 12 Westerns in 12 Months, we will be sharing some details about the stories of these films and how they came to be.

The first Western in development is SHE WAS THE DEPUTY’S WIFE.

First page of the screenplay

First page of the screenplay

Above you can read the first page of the screenplay, written by Travis Mills. The film originated from the idea “What would it be like to see a Casablanca-like story in the Wild West?” Of course, the story evolved from there and took on a life of it’s own.

Here is a brief synopsis for the plot of SHE WAS THE DEPUTY’S WIFE:

When an outlaw is captured and scheduled to hang, the wife of the local deputy makes a decision that will forever change her life. Mabel is in love with the arrested man. Will she remain loyal to her husband Jonathan or follow her heart? SHE WAS THE DEPUTY’S WIFE is a thrilling Western full of romance and danger.

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