We are excited to announce actor John Marrs will play the role of Captain Ballenger in our feature film THE WILDERNESS ROAD, one of the 12 Westerns.

John has appeared in several of our Westerns including a villain role as Sheriff Bob in She was the Deputy’s Wife and a lead role as Sergeant Whitlock in Counting Bullets. Click Here to check out his IMDb page. Captain Ballenger, his character in our historical Western adventure, is one of the lawmen who hunts down and captures the murderous Harpe Brothers.

Our film The Wilderness Road is slated for production in October/November of 2020 and will film in the American Southeast, mostly in Mississippi. It tells the story of the most notorious bandits who robbed and killed along the Wilderness Road and the Natchez Trace. Click here to join our Facebook group for the movie. We are currently raising funds from investors for this film. Click Here to learn more about investing on WeFunder.