We are excited to share with you the second round of roles from our two-part Natchez Trace films for which you can audition for at our Mississippi Casting Call on July 21st. Click Here for all audition details.

Also, below you will find sides to prepare for these characters. Production is estimated to take place in October/November of 2020 in Mississippi. The Natchez Trace films are told in chapters like Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction and the characters below would be considered supporting roles in their respective sections. On a case by case basis, some of these roles may be paid SAG scale and others will be for copy/credit only.

Please contact me at travismills@runningwildfilms.com with any questions.


The Harpe Women: Susan Roberts, Betsey Roberts, and Sally Rice

  • Age Range: 20 – 40
  • These are the three wives of Big and Little Harpe, the infamous murderers. These women play a key role in the story surrounding the Harpe brothers in a few of the sections in our two-part film.
  • Physical Descriptions (these are not a must but a plus): 1. Susan: tall, brunette, and tough looking. 2. Betsey: blonde and “gay-tempered”. 3. Younger than the other two, the newest addition. 
  • Please choose one of the females roles and prepare one of this side provided: Harpe Women

John Farris

  • Age Range: 55 – 70
  • Innkeeper along the “Wilderness Road”.
  • Please prepare the following side: John Farris


  • Age Range: 20 – 30
  • Langford is a traveler, a young man on the road. He does not yet know the dangers of the “Wilderness Road”.
  • Please prepare the following side: Langford

Captain Joseph Ballenger

  • Age Range: 35 – 50
  • Ballenger is a focused, committed man. Duty is his priority over all else.
  • Please prepare the following side: Ballenger

James Blain 

  • Age Range: 40 – 60
  • Blain is a political man with a problem on his hands. Image an attorney general or mayor in these days dealing with rampant violence.
  • Please prepare the following side: James Blain

John Biegler

  • Age Range: 30 – 50
  • The Danville jailer. He’s a large man, husky. He’s the king of his little kingdom until now…
  • Please prepare the following side: John Biegler


This is just scratching the surface of the roles available in the Natchez Trace films. Rest assured, there will be more auditions to come.

-Travis Mills