New Mexico Casting Call: Sides for Actors

As we posted on the Facebook Event Page, we will have an open casting call on January 20th at Far Horizon Studio in Albuquerque from 10am to 3pm for the 12 Westerns in 12 Months Project. There are no appointments/reservations for this casting call; it is first come, first served and we will see as many actors as we can. This information does not apply to actors already scheduled to audition on January 19th.

Here are some reminders about our 12 Westerns:

  1. They won’t be made until 2020. This is an initial casting call to develop a base of talent we will cast from.
  2. The films will be low-budget (under 100k each). That means some principal/supporting roles will be paid but not all cast will be.
  3. They will most likely be non-union/guild projects. 

Below you will find brief character descriptions with a link to download a PDF of the sides. We have tried to provide material for a variety of ages and types. Please contact director Travis Mills at if you have any questions.

FRANK: Male, 40s, a lawman, disillusioned 
JOHN GREY: Male, 50s – 70s, widower

PDF: John_Frank_Sides

KATHERINE – Female, 40s to 50s – stiff, rich, moral

PDF: Katherine_Sides

MABEL – Female, 20s to 30s, lost, betrayed
MS. WADE – Female, 50s to 70s, steady, true

PDF: MsWade_Mabel_Sides

PIANO PLAYER: Male, 20s – 40s, any race

PDF: Piano_Player_Sides

CLAY – Male, 20s to 40s, insecure, lost
SILVER – Male, 60s to 70s, near the end of his road

PDF: Silver_Clay_Sides

TRAVERS – Male – 30s/40s – bitter, hurt, determined
SARAH – Female – 30s/40s – damaged, ashamed of her past, strong

PDF: Travers_Sarah_Sides

WILLA – Female – 12 to 18 years of age – curious, naive.

PDF: Willa_Sides