Here are the scripts (you can click and download these pdfs) for the casting call. You will only need to audition the sides we select from these scripts but we expect you to read the entire scripts to be totally prepared.


Berenice – Date Scene – Pages 4-6 starting with “So… what do you like about me?”

The Dead – End Scene – Pages 25-27



Here are our guidelines for how to be best prepared for our auditions:

Being Prepared for an Audition:

1. Get extremely familiar with the script. Memorized preferred, but not mandatory. We want you to understand what is happening in the scene overall. We are not concerned with you nailing the exact words from the script. We’d rather see you get the moments rather than being worried about the lines.

2. Really talk, really listen; meaning – understand what you are saying and understand what is being said to/around you. When you are auditioning, be present. If something changes unexpectedly in the read, be prepared to change too.

3. Choose a clear ATTITUDE for your character. Make a decision and go with it. We also want you to be able to be flexible to our direction, but decide how you envision the character first.

4. Understand the subtext of the scene. What is your character thinking UNDERNEATH the lines?