We are proud to present the cast for our next feature, The Western, shooting in September of this year. The story revolves around the cast and crew of a Western film who spend their last night together in a dive bar. Check back in the coming months for more information about the film as the actors prepare for their roles. Here is the cast:

The Producer: Gus Edwards

The Bartender: Eric Wheeler

The Screenwriter: Steve Briscoe

The Cameraman: Frank Gonzalez

The Stunt Men: Rob Edwards, Will Burkhart and Michael Coleman

The Movie Star: Mario Guzman

The Actors: Garry Myers, Dean Veglia, Philip Chandler and Bret Green

The Director: Michael Hanelin

The Film Student: Jessica Unterreiner

The Line Producer: Nancy Mercurio

The Actress: Amy Serafin

The Girl at the Bar: Jessica Bishop

I expect good, hard work and creativity from these people who have chosen to be a part of the next movie from Running Wild Films. Here we go.

-Travis Mills