As 2011 comes to an end, we can look back on a productive year. At Running Wild, we produced our debut feature, along with many shorts and before the year comes to a close we will be in production on our second feature.

Here is a glimpse at what we will be working on next year with some information on projects in development. Our aim is to grow and challenge ourselves as storytellers, to continue to tell provocative, original stories and to develop Arizona cinema.

Feature-Length Movies

Beyond the release of our second feature The Detective’s Lover, we will produce and release two more features in 2012.

We are currently in pre-production on one of them, a film written by Gus Edwards, which will be co-directed by both Gus and myself. We will be releasing more information about this project in the near future.


One aspect of movies that we want to experiment with at Running Wild is length. I believe that especially now with the internet, the old formula of 90 to 120 minutes for a feature and other restrictions for shorts are needless. We can expand on these and let the stories determine their own length.

Novellas in literature fit somewhere between short stories and novels. I would like to experiment with this length in film, expanding on the short to develop story and character in more time.

We will produce and release four novellas in 2012. Here are the titles:

A Spy in the Desert
The Long Night
Thieves Fall In
Untitled Theater Drama

Check back in for more information on these four movies.

Web Series

Running Wild will also create a web series. Several projects are currently in-development (Men Who Die in Sports Jackets, The Young Turks) and will start casting/pre-production early 2012 to start a once-a-month web series.


We will of course continue to make short films. I hope to expand the directors and writers who work with Running Wild. Here are brief descriptions of some shorts to look forward to:

Brave Midnight – A Drama about a soldier, his wife and friend
Hard Fighter – Noir short about a boxer and a transsexual prostitute
Ranch Hands – A Western short

Keep checking back for more cinema from Running Wild Films.