Casting Announcement for New Short Film Directed by Miles Doleac

While Cornbread Cosa Nostra moves through the post-production process, we have decided to produce a couple spin-off short films exploring some of the characters from our Dixie Mafia movie. The first will be directed by Hattiesburg-based actor/filmmaker Miles Doleac (The Hollow, Demons) from a script by Travis Mills and focus on the character of Johnny Handsome played by Creek Wilson.

The biker-hitman character Wilson created in Cornbread Cosa Nostra was just too good for us to leave alone; this short film will show you more about Johnny Handsome, named in homage to the Mickey Rourke movie by Walter Hill.

We are proud to partner with Miles Doleac and Historia Films on this new short film. He has chosen an outstanding group of Mississippi actors for this endeavor. We present the full cast list for Handsome:

Handsome – Creek Wilson
Harry Bennett – Miles Doleac
Escort – Lindsay Anne Williams
Sheriff Cobb – Raymond Soutullo
Winston Farley – Daniel Williamson
Masseuse – Marianne del Gallego
Girl – Ella Claire Bennett
Boy – Scott Bolster
Ellwood Steube – Robbie Watkins
Teenager – Tre’ Toche