Like Howard Hawks did with Rio Bravo, El Dorado, and Rio Lobo, Budd Boetticher and Burt Kennedy recycled elements of The Tall T and Seven Men From Now over and over again. Some viewers take no issue with this. Some even enjoy Ride Lonesome and Comanche Station more than its ancestors. However, I believe the latter variations of their formula provide diminishing returns.

Comanche Station steals blatantly from the previous films: another dead wife backstory, an abandoned outpost, the bounty hunter buddies, and competition between two men over a bounty. The most embarrassing theft might be the scene where Claude Akins tells a story that reflects the exact situation they’re in, just as Lee Marvin did (and did better) in Seven Men From Now. The sequence even ends the same way, with a punch in the face from Randolph Scott.

It’s not that I don’t like Comanche Station; it’s a solid western but I question the worth of repeating what worked, and often times worked better, in other movies. Why not do something new? That’s the question I would ask Budd and Burt if they were sitting here. Sadly they’re not.

The one unique thing about this film is the last scene. It’s quite an ending.

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