We are looking to cast our movie entitled DON’T COME AROUND HERE, directed by Navid Sanati and written/produced by Travis Mills.

We are not sure if this film will be set in Mississippi OR Arizona. Therefore we are looking for actors from anywhere in the country as long as you commit to travel to the production location. Boarding and food will be taken care of. This is no pay but points will be provided for some talent.

With all that said, here are the list of characters we are looking for: (Experience in acting is not required but can’t be camera shy)

Audrey (Main Role)
Female, between 28 – 33
Blonde or be open to dye blonde.
Attractive yet simple.
Role requires slight nudity and raw scenes.

Chuck (Main Role)
Male, 28 – 33
Must look clean and almost snobby.
Prefer Skinny to lean.
Role requires slight nudity and raw scenes.

Lenny (Main Role)
Male, 32 – 38
Must be rugged and lumberjack like, yet a family man.
Prefer fit to muscular

Joan (Supporting Role)
Female, between 30 – 36
Brunette or be open to dye hair
The girl next door
Role requires slight nudity and raw scenes.

Father (Supporting Role)
Male, 60 – 65
All types are accepted

Production will take place in October of 2016. Send headshots/resumes/reels to navidsanati@runningwildfilms.com and if qualified, he will send you the sides to do a video audition (Even if you are in Phoenix).

We will narrow down our selection and he will have either a Skype chat or meet up and have a drink to make our final decisions.