What You Should Know About Our New Film – Part Two

As we continue pre-production on our new film,The Cornbread Cosa Nostra, I want to reveal some details about the movie. As I mentioned in my last Cornbread blog, eventually I’ll start publishing entries from the diary I’ve been keeping but for now, here are some crumbs to go off of:

The Fastest “Wild” Movie Yet

Though I did not intend to from the start, I wrote our fastest moving motion picture yet with The Cornbread Cosa Nostra. How do I know this when we haven’t shot a single frame? Well… the script has 147 scenes in 64 pages!

Traditionally, 64 pages is short for a feature but almost every film we have produced has begun with a draft of similar length. I write movies with the intention to let them breathe through pre-production and production. Often times, scenes will be added or expanded after casting triggers ideas in my mind about new characters or even on set a location or spontaneous moment will present a fun opportunity. This is the beautiful flexibility of independent film.

Anyway, back to the pace of this film. Blood Country had 101 scripted scenes. Porches and Private Eyes has 126 (but over the course of 109 pages) and our Phoenix-crime movie Durant’s Never Closes had 114. The latter film, which moves pretty damn fast, is probably the best comparison to our upcoming Dixie Mafia story, only this hybrid of Miami Vice by way of the Coen Brothers will be a very new kind of movie for Running Wild Films.

The average length of a scene in The Cornbread Cosa Nostra is less than half a minute. That doesn’t include the scenes I will be adding over the next few months and spur of the moment on set.

I’m very excited to challenge myself and the cast/crew with this new film, our fastest yet.

-Travis Mills