We would like to announce that Dean Veglia will play the beat-up boxer in Hard Fighter, our next short film scheduled to shoot in March. Dean has in fact been involved in this project a while, patiently waiting for the right time to make it and we have decided that time is now. Here is a message from Dean about the role.

I am proud to say I have been Acting in movies for Running Wild Films
since it’s inception! There are numerous reasons why I continue to do
so… First and Foremost!!..They don’t make films to appease an
audience. They tell stories…stories that provoke thought…emotion!

Travis sent me the “Hard Fighter” script several months ago…After
reading it I was immediately smitten!

My synopsis of the film is this: Each of us as humans are willing to
sacrifice a great deal to maintain a human connection. Regardless of
where we’ve been or what we may have done in or with our lives. We all
are vastly different, at the same time we are all incredibly similar.

“Hard Fighter” proves to be quite philosophical, and will stimulate
thought, emotion, conversation, and questions. One may even question

Do Enjoy!!
Dean Veglia-Actor