I believe the time has come for filmmakers to do away with physical formats. These clunky devices, DVDs and Blu-rays, are old-fashioned/outdated forms of watching cinema. We need to let go of the physical format and explore the new world of distribution and exhibition the internet provides.

As a storyteller of the 21st century, I want nothing to do with the physical distribution of my work. I fully embrace the possibilities of a total online existence. The internet is young and movies are just starting to take to it with the expansion of streaming and downloading through various sites. Some of us need to pioneer online cinema.

It has the chance to be much more than a convenient, fast method of viewing. This could be the future of independent filmmaking, a world of our own that we dominate while the studios continue to send giant blockbusters to the multiplexes. It also provides a chance for movies to evolve in terms of length, structure and style.

For this reason, we are releasing our recently completed film The Big Something for download through our website. Viewers will be able to download the movie and decide from there whether they want to watch it on their computers, phones, or burn the film to a physical format to screen elsewhere. We will also allow viewers to decide what the movie is worth. I’m tired of hearing complaints over prices of tickets at movie theaters or the cost to buy copies. So we at Running Wild leave it up to you, decide what the movie costs.

I hope more directors will stop reaching toward DVD/Blu-Ray distribution and even theatrical release and instead forge into the unknown and start to experiment with this great tool.

-Travis Mills