The Detective’s Lover, the next feature length movie from Running Wild Films, continues to move through pre-production as I work with the rest of the team to lock locations, gather extras, build a solid crew, and rehearse to find the nature of these scenes.

On board, other than our cast, James Alire and I have a gallery of good AZ people working with us, including Michael Coleman (lead actor of The Big Something), Johnny Ortiz, John Paul Jones, Salim Garami and Stephen Tallent. Yesterday, we added another group of people to our evolving crew and I’m excited to know them. At Running Wild, we’re looking for people that are hungry for experience and passionate to make good cinema, just as we are.

We recently released the teaser trailer for The Detective’s Lover, you can watch it below. And if you have not visited the website for the film, go there now.

[vimeo id=”30457666″]

With the production only a month away, we continue to pound the streets of Phoenix to get this story ready. I can’t wait for Day One when the planning ends and the storytelling begins.

-Travis Mills