First Time in a Movie: LeeAnn ParkerĀ 

Before production started on Son of a Gun, I had an idea for an additional scene to be added to our schedule. This would help further develop the character played by Cotton Yancey. All I had was a page of rough dialog but as the days of shooting went on it became more and more clear we needed to film this scene. I thought of LeeAnn and her desire to be in the movie with her son. So I tailored the scene to work as a mother and child patient on a doctor’s visit. It turned out very well and I was happy to work with both of them.

Here are LeeAnn’s answers about her first experience being in a movie:

How did you get involved with Son of a Gun and what inspired you to be in a movie?

My friend Scott brought Travis and his film crew to the Mosswood Country Club, where I work, to have supper and play Bingo. Scott told me they were looking for a woman and child to be in the movie and I have a 10 year old son, so that’s how we were introduced! I love history and it’s fascinating to me. I’ve always dreamed of being in a movie where I got to dress like women from that era!

What was one surprise for you about the moviemaking process?

Definitely the work, time and patience that goes into filming just one scene. It’s mind blowing! It took like 5 hours to film a 5 minute scene.

LeeAnn (left) and her son Michael (center) working with director Travis Mills (right) at the Idlewild home in Port Gibson.

What was your biggest challenge acting in a movie for the first time?

Remembering what was actually scripted for me to say. I kept adding words or leaving words out. Actually acting it out in front of a camera while people are watching you, makes it difficult to remember your part correctly.

Describe your favorite moment from the production of Son of a Gun.

Oh, I can only give one?! I had a few! The Director and film crews reaction to my son’s part in the movie was probably my favorite! During the scene, Michael (my son) made a face as a reaction to something I said and Travis literally laughed out loud and his crew followed. My next favorite moment was when we finally finished filming, everyone in the room including the Director, started clapping and then all gave Michael high fives! That was pretty cool!

LeeAnn and Michael pose with lead actor Cotton Yancey for a picture.

We will be back with more cast interviews soon. Stay tuned.
-Travis Mills