First Time in a Movie: Robert B. Jones

It is inevitable that first meeting Robert B. Jones result in some reaction to his impressive beard. That certainly was mine when I first encountered this good fellow at the Strand Theatre in Vicksburg for our casting call. From my memory, Robert prefaced that he had never been in a movie before his audition however I saw something in his presence and character that would be a good addition to ours. He took the role and the work very seriously and I respect him for that.

Here is some insight into Robert’s experience in front of the camera for the first time:

How did you get involved with Son of a Gun and what inspired you to be in a movie?

My wife saw an article in the newspaper about the audition at the Strand theater down town. Had no
idea what the movie was about, but just wanted to check it out. Thought it would be interesting. It
sounded like fun. I am a professional Santa, and I want to do a Santa movie someday. This would be a
great experience to prepare me for that.

What was one surprise for you about the movie making process?

It is difficult to pick just one. Being my first time, everything was a surprise. I guess seeing the behind
the scene activity. Setting up for each individual shot, lighting, camera angles, close ups and
understanding your character and it’s place in the scene or story.

A photograph by Nicholas Fornwalt from one of our first days of production at the Royalty Lounge & Bistro in Port Gibson with Robert B. Jones.

What was your biggest challenges acting in a movie for the first time?

Remembering my lines and following the directions I was given and putting it all together in the
instance I was called upon to do my part. But it is fun and challenging. Mistakes sure, but I just kept
challenging myself and moving forward.

Describe your favorite moment from the production of Son of a Gun?

When I completed the first scene and realized that “I can do this” maybe not perfectly, but I can do this.
Also when I saw some of the scene on the monitor and said “who is that guy.” (Southern Gentleman
#2). What fun it was. THANKS, Travis for letting me experience this.

A photograph by Mario Mattei of Robert B. Jones in the Royalty Lounge & Bistro, our “tavern” setting. 

We will be back soon with another cast interview!
-Travis Mills