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Frank Gonzalez plays Frank, the getaway driver for the crew. He’s the amateur in the bunch and works hard to hold his own in a room full of thieves.

Interview by Holly Foreman

What first attracted you to this project?
Honestly, I thought it would be a lot of fun to rob a bank. I was also pleased with the first film Travis and I did together called “Escort Driver.”

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What in your background did you draw on when preparing for your role?
I drew from the love I have for my car and dog. I put them together and formed Frank’s “Cardog.”

What do you think most people who know you will be surprised to learn about this film? Why?
We shot in only 9 days and the budget was just $1000 bucks. To get a great full length feature film with those resources is surprising and impressive.

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Why should people download the film?
Because Hollywood shouldn’t be our only source for motion pictures.

What did you struggle with the most?
I remember there was an extreme close-up take where my character had to laugh. I had 2 cameras and a boom in my face. It was tough for me to not be conscious of myself, let alone be genuine. Travis gave me a couple takes, but I don’t think I made one believable laugh. I was kicking myself after the shoot for that one.

What was the worst thing about being on set? What was the best?
Shooting films in AZ is rough ¾ of the year because of the heat. To get clean audio for the minimalist feel, we had to keep the air conditioner off while shooting. That is easily the worst thing.  As for what’s best… I always think about one of the final scenes where Michael Hanelin has to undress. We had some improv and ad-libbing going on, and the guys kept cracking me up.  I had to put my hands to my mouth hoping my laughs wouldn’t be caught by the microphone.

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Did Travis Mills yell at you?
Yes.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen a director do that. I’d probably yell at everybody if I directed film.

What project is next for you?
Continued work on the 52 films in 52 weeks.  It’s a good feeling to have a working relationship with other artists you respect.  I look forward to the future that Running Wild Films has.

Watch Frank Gonzalez in Running Wild Films’s short Escort Driver: