We are excited to announce a casting call for lead and supporting roles in the fifth of our 12 Westerns, Counting Bullets. Here are details about the production and how to submit:

  • Production is currently slated for mid to late May. These are tentative dates and may change depending on coronavirus restrictions in Arizona. As of now, we are moving ahead with pre-production and casting.
  • This is a micro-budget Western. The entire film will be made in ten days for a limited amount of funding.
  • Therefore, this is a NON-SAG production. All roles below will be given copy, credit, and net profit points on the film. Meals will be provided during production.
  • This production will also require our small cast and crew to camp on location in Southern Arizona for a majority of filming. You must be willing to camp out in a tent in a secure area if you are going to be cast in this film.
  • To submit, please find the side for each character below and record a video audition. Upload and send a link via Vimeo, Youtube, or Google Drive to travismills@runningwildfilms.com. Do not send dropbox or wetransfer links.
  • All submissions are due April 17th, 2020.
  • Let us know if you have questions.


Lieutenant Lowe 
  • White male, 20’s – early 30’s. Fresh out of West Point, the LT is by the book. Lacking in experience, he thinks his formal education has prepared him for his duties on the frontier. He will learn otherwise.
  • Please Click Here for the Lieutenant Lowe Sides.
Thomas Jefferson
  • Black male, 30’s – 40’s. Former slave and Buffalo Soldier, now turned Army Scout. He is only along because he’s being paid. He has no interest in the mission or the men. Just making a living.
  • Please Click Here for the Thomas Jefferson Sides.
Trooper McAllister
  • White male, 20’s – 30’s. Young and strong. He looks like the perfect picture if a soldier. But when the going gets rough, we see his true colors.
  • Please Click Here for the McAllister Sides.
Trooper Mumford
  • White male: 50s – 60s. A veteran Indian fighter with a shady past. Most likely came west and joined the Army to hide from the law.
  • Please Click Here for the Mumford Sides.


Again, please submit all video auditions to travismills@runningwildfilms.com. Thank you!