We are excited to announce a casting call in Globe, Arizona for our Western THE WOMAN WHO ROBBED THE STAGECOACH, which tells the true story of Pearl Hart.

In participation with the Globe Downtown Association, this in-person casting call will be held on June 6th at the Globe Train Depot Complex & Museum. CDC guidelines will be in place for healthy and safety throughout the auditions. This is an open casting call, first come, first served, from 10am to 6pm. We will see as many actors as we can during that time. Please see below for information about the project, characters available to audition for, and sides to study in advance.

Address for the Casting Call:
230 S Broad St
Globe, AZ 85501

Information about this production

  • This is a low-budget, independently produced feature film. It is one of the 12 Westerns in 12 Months we are working on this year.
  • Filming is scheduled to begin in August. Many scenes will be shot in the Globe/Miami area. Some scenes will be shot in other locations around Arizona.
  • Since this is a low-budget production, these roles are not paid. Credit in the film and IMDb will be provided, along with a copy of the film on DVD when it is complete and released during 2021. For select principal roles, net profit points may be available as further compensation.
  • You do not need experience acting in film but it is definitely a plus.
  • You do not need your own Western wardrobe to participate. If you have a period correct outfit, especially if it matches the character you’re auditioning for, we encourage you to wear it to the casting call. You can also wear something offbeat like a steampunk style outfit or something half-period, half-modern if you want to get creative.
  • No video auditions are accepted. This is an in-person casting call only. I hope to cast as many locals as possible!


Available Roles and Sides

You may audition for any of the following roles at the casting call. Please pick only one to audition for and we encourage you to prepare the sides provided ahead of time.

Pearl Hart – Female – 20 to 30 Years Old – a naive girl who learns to be tough through a series of misadventures.
Pearl Hart SidesĀ 

Joe Boot – Male – 30 to 40 Years Old – a German drifter, a good-hearted fool who hopes to succeed in America
Joe Boot Sides

Dan Bandman – Male – 20 to 30 Years Old – a musician and singer who has a habit of getting himself into bad situations
Dan Bandman Sides

Julia Ward Howe – Female – 70 to 80 Years Old – a famous historical figure and spokesperson for women’s rights
Julia Ward Howe Sides

Army Recruiter – Male – 20 to 40 Years Old – a soldier recruiting others for the Spanish American War
Army Recruiter Sides

Mary Allen – Female – 20 to 30 Years Old – a prostitute and friend of Pearl’s
Mary Allen Sides

Gunsmith – Male – 40 to 60 Years Old – the man who sells guns to Pearl before the robbery
Gunsmith Sides

Henry Bacon – Male – 40 to 60 Years Old – the stagecoach driver
Henry Bacon Sides

Dandy – Male – 30 to 50 Years Old – one of the travelers on the stagecoach
Dandy Sides

Sheriff Truman – Male – 40 to 60 Years Old – the Sheriff who catches Pearl and Joe
Sheriff Truman Sides

Reporter – Male – 30 to 50 Years Old – an excitable journalist
Reporter Sides

Ed Hogan – Male – 20 to 40 Years Old – a prisoner who escapes with Pearl
Ed Hogan Sides

Judge Fletcher – Male – 50 to 70 Years Old – a corrupt and grouchy judge
Judge Fletcher Sides

Warden – Male – 50 to 70 Years Old – the warden of Yuma Prison
Warden Sides

Prison Officer – Male – 20 to 30 Years Old – an impressionable prison worker
Prison Officer Sides

New York Reporter – Male – 30 to 50 Years Old – the epitome of New York attitude and importance
New York Reporter Sides

Doctor – Male – 50 to 70 Years Old – a doctor assigned to prison calls
Doctor Sides

Email me at travismills@runningwildfilms.com if you have questions.