We are excited to announce that Christopher Hart has joined the team for Bastard’s Crossing as our composer.

In addition to composing our musical score for the 1st of 12 Westerns, Hart will play a role in Bastard’s Crossing, portraying a character named “The Entertainer”. Hart has also agreed to make an on screen appearance in the 2nd of our 12 Westerns, Texas Red. Christopher Hart is based in McComb, Mississippi where he works in theatre and music. He previously composed the score for our short Western Ranch Hands.

Bastard’s Crossing tells the story of Cam Talcutt had the good luck to win a trading post in a card game. Now, he’s stuck in the wilderness trying to run it when he learns the freight company who supplies his store won’t be coming anymore. Cam is in a bad spot and might have to do bad things to survive. The script was written by Joe Pevey and the production begins near Brookhaven, Mississippi on January 2nd.

Our film Texas Red tells a true story of a manhunt which took place in the winter of 1940 in the Southwest region of Mississippi.  Texas Red was a successful juke joint owner in a racially integrated community called Freewoods, a rare thing during this time period in the South.  A group of white men led a raid on Texas Red’s cabin one night, leading to the killing of a young deputy named Hilliard Hall. Red and his partner the Oklahoma Kid, fled and were chased through the wilderness for a month by hundreds of men, including the FBI and National Guard. Red and the Kid were reported to have robbed establishments in the area before this raid but that has never been confirmed. The film follows the incredible chase, a powerful struggle for survival and justice.

-Travis Mills