I am excited to announce the leader of my favorite band, Arbouretum, will be our composer for our historical epic The Wilderness Road.

Dave Heumann has released several acclaimed albums with his band Arbouretum and a fantastic solo effort as well. Their music has been a favorite for years now and I listened to several of their tracks while conceiving The Wilderness Road. A couple months ago I reached out to Dave in the hopes that he would consider scoring our upcoming film. Thankfully, he was receptive and interested in the project. Since then we have been in discussions about the story and sound of the film. He is currently working on some music sketches to find the right feel for the soundtrack. I am thrilled to continue this collaboration.

Click Here to check out Arbouretum on Spotify and click this link to listen to Dave Heumann’s solo album Here in the Deep. You can also follow Dave here on Facebook and follow Arbouretum here on Twitter.  

-Travis Mills