We are excited to officially announce that Gammons Gulch, a Western movie set/town, has been chosen as the featured location in A Guide to Gunfighters of the Wild West. This is one of our 12 Westerns, slated for production in April of 2020.

Gammons Gulch, run by Jay and Joanne Gammons, is located near Benson, Arizona. Actor/filmmaker Craig Hensley was essential in facilitating this deal for our production. We estimate a minimum of fourteen shoot days at Gammons for A Guide to Gunfighters of the Wild West, written by Wendy Memoli. This production will include interiors and exteriors of the town, centered mostly on the general store, town cafe, and other select spots.

Of all the Western movie sets I have scouted, this is the most impressive in and out. What I love most about Gammons Gulch is not only the well-constructed buildings but the attention to detail inside, making it a production designer’s ideal place to film (as you can see in two scout photos below). The Gammons have clearly put years of hard work and love into this movie set and I am honored to have the chance to make a film there. It is quite possible we will film additional series for other films in the 12 Westerns at Gammons, to be determined as our pre-production work continues.

-Travis Mills