We are excited to announce Gavin Brannan has joined the cast of our new cavalry movie COUNTING BULLETS, slated for production in Arizona.

Brannan has appeared in feature films including Ups and Downs and Private Passions. He is the executive producer on three of our other 12 Westerns: Bastard’s Crossing, Texas Red, and Heart of the Gun. For more on Brannan’s career in film, click here to visit his IMDb page.

Colonel Bascomb is the cavalry officer who sends Lieutenant Lowe and Sergeant Whitlock (John Marrs) on a routine mission that turns into a deadly situation. The patrol is pinned down in a canyon and must use all their instincts to survive. We are currently in pre-production on this film, which will be filmed in Arizona. Click here to join our Facebook group for COUNTING BULLETS.

The photograph above was taken by Carys Glynne on the set of Bastard’s Crossing.