We are excited to announce Miles Doleac has joined the cast of our NATCHEZ TRACE project.

Doleac will play Joseph Thompson Hare, one of the notorious outlaws who committed crimes on the Trace.

Our Natchez Trace project, part of our 12 Westerns in 12 Months, is an epic story which will be made into two feature films with the working titles of Blood Country II: The Wilderness Road and Blood Country III: The Natchez Trace. These films will tell the amazing story of the outlaws such as Hare, the Harpe Brothers, and Samuel Mason who plagued the Southeastern region of early America with their crimes. They will also continue where our first Western film Blood Country left off, examining the history and nature of violence in the United States.

Doleac previously worked with our team on our recent film Son of a Gun, which is now available on DVD. He is most known for acting and directing such films as The Hollow, Demons, and the upcoming Hallowed Ground.

Check back next Friday for another special announcement for our 12 Westerns project!

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