We are excited to announce that one of our 12 Westerns in 12 Months will be shot on the latest iPhone.

This concept has been in the works for several months and I am now in discussion with companies like Filmic Pro (pioneers in iPhone filming) about involvement in our project. Using the latest iPhone technology, Filmic Pro allows filmmakers to use an amazing array of features we hope to implement in this Western including being able to shoot shot reverse shot simultaneously and also to use two lenses at the same time. The photo above is from Filmic Pro’s recent announcement of these new innovations.

Currently, I am considering one of two Western projects to be shot on the iPhone: 1. My 2014 script The Slow Death of Frank Prothero. 2. We would actually film the lesbian/werewolf Western Frontier on both film and iphone, making two versions of the movie with one in B&W on film and the other in color on iPhone. I will announce when a decision has been made and share more details soon.

-Travis Mills