I am excited to share that Western character actor Peter Sherayko has agreed to play a supporting role in the last of our 12 Westerns, Heart of the Gun.

Sherayko has appeared in numerous Western films over the decades including an iconic performance as Texas Jack in Tombstone. He is also a well-respected consultant and advisor for historical accuracy on Western film productions, among many other credits during his years of experience in the industry. Please click here to view Peter Sherayko’s IMDb page.

In Heart of the GunPeter Sherayko will play “The Drunk”, a humorous character who runs into our lead female on her journey. It is a part that recalls great character performance from 40s and 50s Westerns by Walter Brennan and others like him.

An image of Sherayko in Tombstone, alongside Buck Taylor


Production is slated for December 2020 in Arizona. Here is a little more information about Heart of the Gun:

Set against the backdrop of the Apache wars in the American Southwest, Heart of the Gun begins with a raging storm as Jack Travers comes upon the scene of a crime in the desolate landscape. Two wagons have been raided and their inhabitants murdered but he discovers one survivor. This is Sarah, a woman with red hair, but not the scarlet beauty Travers hoped she would be… the wife who left him years ago.

Travers deserted his post as a military doctor to find this missing woman. Sarah has turned away from her own past, one of pain and prostitution, for a new life. But her destiny is forever changed when she crosses paths with this troubled hero. Together, they set off on a dark journey, attacked by deranged outlaws, hunted by the cavalry, and tracked by Apache warriors. And as Travers continues his desperate search, he discovers that Sarah may be the woman he has been looking for all along.

-Travis Mills