If there’s anything I enjoy as much as a good review, it’s a bad one. Resistance and opposition are fuel to the fire. At Running Wild, we are not attempting to please everyone. We don’t aim to be polite.

We want to tell good stories. We’ll work with anyone with the passion and hunger to help us. We’ll use every creative, resourceful method to get the job done.

I’m happy to see some opposition to our efforts. I’m pleased that people are angry. We must be doing something right. Our actions have reactions, positive and negative.

So I must thank some of the folks over the last few months for providing their fair share of inspiration.

Here is a small (very funny) taste of “hate mail” that we receive at Running Wild.

Eat a dick. Anyone who works for you is retarded…you want people to work for you low budget shitty movie for free? Maybe if you werent a cheap asshole you could get talented people and maybe have a GOOD movie. Not a $2.99 movie at circle k.