How to Make a Low-Budget Film

A New Video Series with Filmmaker Travis Mills

In Episode 2, I talk about the strategy of writing as fast as you can, with the focus of getting your first draft done without getting stuck.

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One of the biggest road blocks for getting your movie started is finishing the script right? It’s this big daunting task. Except… it isn’t really.

Just write and write fast. Don’t think too much about whether it’s good or bad, what works and what doesn’t. You’ve got plenty of time to figure that out. If you try to write a masterpiece, you may never even get a chance to make the actual movie.

Look, it’s not like this is something you’re going to sell to Hollywood. This is your movie. So get it written and however messy the script is, you can revise it through pre-production and because you’re an independent filmmaker you even have the freedom to change the script on set!

I wrote my most recent script SON OF A GUN in a week. As I went, character names changed and even the story took a different direction. But I didn’t look back. I finished it as quickly as I could and now the job is to make it better.

The only thing that can stop you from writing your script is you. So start writing and write fast.

-Travis Mills