The Importance of a Great Script

Often, filmmakers get so carried away with the vision for their film that they forget to invest in a good, solid foundation: the script. Having a great script is an important aspect of filmmaking and one which should not be overlooked – here’s why…

Although your film may change significantly as it develops, it is important that it has a solid start. This applies whether you’re making an action-packed science fiction movie, a thriller based around a tense game of partypoker , or a light-hearted romantic comedy. The quality of the script still has the power to shine through, even if the tone, themes or focus of the film shifts. At the same time, having a tight script can often prove key to ensuring that a film project doesn’t drift too far from its original goals.

The script will also provide filmmakers and actors with the basis for their key characters – so it is important that these characters are well-written and clearly defined. Again, aspects of certain characters may be subject to change, but in general they will provide the foundation for a good film. Without character definition, the script can often come across as implausible.

Script flaws are nearly always evident in the final cut of any film, and need to be ironed out way before any project is put into production. It doesn’t matter how many special effects, stunning sets or famous faces you’ve got on a screen – if your script isn’t up to scratch, it can let down an entire film. On the other hand, you will often find that you are able to keep within a much smaller budget when working with a first-class script. These are just a few of the reasons why it a great script will often probe to be important to any film.