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James Leatherman plays James, the safe cracker who is really more of a firecracker. Always on edge, he constantly looks for an excuse to argue with the other men and serves as the catalyst for quite a bit of conflict while waiting for the split.

Interview by Holly Foreman

What first attracted you to this project?
The James character is quite obviously someone you want to hate. My job, as I saw it, was to take you right up to that limit, but not over. All of the ingredients to make that happen were already in the screenplay. When I saw the rest of the cast, I knew I had exactly the right people to make this guy work. The story itself is a well-crafted exploration of different kinds of redemption, and how those seeking it can either conflict with or complement each other. I felt all the tinder was there for a rip-roaring fire.

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What in your background did you draw on when preparing for your role? How did it help?
Well, anytime you have to sacrifice time spent with your partner to pursue your own dreams, there is a sense of guilt, maybe even resentment. I saw James as a man who really just wants to be a homebody and give himself 100% to his personal relationships, but constantly has this insatiable urge to rise to the challenge of the next bank job. I feel very much the same way about the balance between my professional life, my acting life and my personal life. And quite frankly, because of this, I am pretty much that guy when I am at the office. (Sorry, office!)

What do you think most people who know you will be surprised to learn about this film?
This is undoubtedly the most overtly crass I have ever been in a film, but the attitude serves the character and the story, so it’s not obtrusive. I have very strong views about cursing in film and in comedy, because 90% of the time, it is just a crutch for poor writing. In short, I absolutely fucking hate superfluous cursing. Fucking hate that shit.

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Why should people download the film?
Because they haven’t see it. And that’s a shame.

What did you struggle with the most?
Without spoiling anything, what James does at the end of the second act is so intense and weirdly layered that it was difficult to be both inwardly technical and outwardly unhinged. I don’t know if I accomplished what I set out to do, but I will let the viewer make that call. Ultimately it worked well for the progression of the story, so -mission accomplished.

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What was the worst thing about being on set? What was the best?
I will never forget the taste of cold canned beans. It’s like Crisco and beach sand. But the voodoo cat in the top cupboard was definitely the best part of the experience. Oh, and those other people.

Did Travis Mills yell at you? (And did you yell back?!) 

No. Absolutely not. Never. And it would be a foolish venture to go looking for a clip to refute this.


How were the craft services?
Well, I essentially only drank coffee all throughout the film. And that was surprisingly good.

If your character actually had his gun, who would he have used it on?
Bobby, before he got through the can. Or James himself, after Bobby finished the can.

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What do you think your character will do with his part of the split?
For all of his interpersonal failings, James really wants to take care of someone. Whether providing safecracking services, good strong coffee, a nice home, or even just scrambled eggs, he just wants to be a man and a provider. I think James will retire for a while and patch things up with his main squeeze. But then self-loathing will return after a year or so, and the urge to do a job will return. And then we will see “The Men Who Robbed Another Bank.”

What project is next for you?
My next immediate project is getting my one-year-old son through teething.