Several people contribute to the success of Running Wild Films. A few have been with us for years, some have just begun to show what they are capable of. For the next few weeks we will spotlight some of our members, where they come from, and where they are going.

First up in our interview spotlight is Christopher Murray. Christopher’s work is featured in the 52 Films/52 Weeks project and our short film Ranch Hands (view it Here).  He’s pictured here on the far left.

52 Team Photo

What’s your educational background and Film training?

I’ve been doing TV/Media Production since I was 13. I chose it as an elective in middle school and loved it so I continued to take courses through high school. My friends and I also “made movies” in high school and the first couple years after. I didn’t do anything film related for about 4 years until I helped on a web pilot and then I responded to an ad for crew help which ended up being the first project I did with Running Wild. That project is Useless Beauty, part of the 52 Films project.

We’ve heard first meets with Travis can be interesting. Tell us yours.

Haha, Travis actually seemed like a normal, boring guy when I met him: intimidating but not Wild by any means. The mystery of Travis Mills eludes me the more we work together. I still don’t quite understand him but I do my best to keep up.

What’s your first and  favorite film credits?

My first cred with Running Wild was assistant camera for Useless Beauty, my favorite was Director for Ranch Hands because that was my first time directing and I am actually semi-proud of it.

Is there a particular movie or artist that inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Star Wars. Clerks. I love the passionate filmmaker. The guy or girl who sacrifices a lot of things for that one shot at making successful art. Lucas was revolutionary in the 70s and Kevin Smith turned his shitty job into a Sundance – and now a cult – classic.

How do you Run Wild?  I can’t reveal that information publicly.

What do you do when not making films?

I work full time at a resort and enjoy being young. I get some writing done in there too.

Chris&TaylorWho is your biggest supporter?

My girlfriend Taylor Postle is my number one supporter. She’s goes to all the events with me and all the outings even if she hates being there.




Where will you be in five years?   Hopefully bossing Travis around.

What’s your most proud moment to date?

Definitely the 52 festival. I got to see 3 nights of projects I worked on and they were all incredible. All weekend I kept thinking “We built this!” (Are political jokes from 2012 still funny?)

How do you see your role with Running Wild Films?

I’d say Nathan (Foley) and I are like the Army Reserves, we help when we are called up and we aren’t full time like the other guys.

What is upcoming for you? Projects, festivals, etc…

I’m working on two projects of my own right now that Running Wild may be helping me on and anything else Travis might throw my way.

Who has been most influential in your career?

That’s a tough question. Like I said probably Lucas, Smith, the guys that did the first Saw, filmmakers that succeeded on their own work without selling out to Hollywood. Travis is really influential to me as well; he does film full time. I don’t know how he does it but its definitely admirable.

What does the general public not know about you that you would like them to?

I’ll just say there’s a lot to people than what’s on the surface or on their Facebook pages. Take a chance to get to know people, you may be surprised with who they really are.