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Michael Hanelin plays Michael, a seasoned crook with a big secret. He’s the voice of reason in the room, trying to make sure everyone –  especially himself – survives until the money shows up.

Interview by Holly Foreman

What first attracted you to this project?
Initially I thought the project was going to have a “Reservoir Dogs” feel. Ultimately, I was wrong, but I liked the arc that my character took throughout the piece. I thought it would be a challenge.

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What did you draw on when preparing for your role? How did it help?
I had some long talks with Rob Edwards (who plays Bobby in the film). He actually WAS an undercover cop. He gave me some great clues about how he might have reacted in similar situations.

Why should people download the film?
There is some great acting and interesting character development.

Did Travis Mills yell at you?
No, he didn’t, but I asked Johnny to yell at me to prep for one of my scenes. He’s more intimidating.

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If your character actually had his gun, who would he have used it on?
James. What a pain in the ass.

What do you think your character will do with his part of the split?
Run. Start life anew. Switch from boxers to briefs.

What scenes didn’t make the final film?
To lighten the mood, we shot another version of my undressing scene with all of us in boxers. For obvious reasons, it should never see the light of day. Never.

How were the craft services?
There were craft services?

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Did anything happen during this film that will affect your future in film?
From now on, there will always be Red Vines on set. It will ultimately be the first thing I put in my contract rider, like Led Zeppelin and the brown M&M’s.

What project is next for you?
We are still working on the 52 shorts in 52 weeks, and we just wrapped on GRIEF, directed by Kevin Phipps. Right now Travis and I are starting to cast for a baseball themed feature that we expect to shoot in the Spring of 2014.