This morning we leave for Winslow, a small town in Northern Arizona, to shoot a large portion of The Detective’s Lover. It marks the midway point (two thirds, really) of our production. We will wrap on Jan. 8th and shooting on our second feature will be complete.

It has been exciting, hard, fun, tough: a regular production. If you haven’t already, check out the daily production blogs with photos and more on the Detective’s Lover site.

We will share more updates from our shoot in Winslow soon. And to close this post, I give you a quote from Werner Herzog to which I can relate:

It is like someone who takes a suicidal jump from a great height, and then regrets his decision when he realizes, midway through empty space, that no one can help him. It is the same with filmmaking, once you have started, there is no one to help you through. You have to overcome your fears and bring the project to an end.