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Week 165: Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)


I did this backwards. I watched Support Your Local Gunfighter first in preparation for our Western/Comedy A Guide to Gunfighters of the Wild West. I probably should have started with the first of Burt Kennedy’s comedic pair with James Garner.

Sheriff is not nearly as silly as Gunfighter. It has its moments of broad humor at the beginning and them mellows out into a light comedy. I found it to be amusing but cannot think of a single moment where I laughed out loud. It’s strength is in Garner and leading lady Joan Hackett. Has the former ever been bad in a movie? Hackett, who I have only seen one other time in the excellent Will Penny, is a great counterpart for Garner to play off of. She’s quirky, sharp, and sexy in an unconventional way. Of course, the supporting cast isn’t bad. How could it be with Jack Elam and Walter Brennan involved?

But however likable this film is, I just can’t help feel that it’s missing something. It trots along but it never gets to a gallop.

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