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Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

This new Western has gorgeous cinematography, pretty shots galore in its Joshua Tree location, but it’s also hollow at the core. THE LAST MANHUNT, with all the best intentions in the world, doesn’t work.

Speaking of intention, I wonder what Jason Momoa’s was when he joined this project. His presence is bizarre, a complete distraction in a movie that otherwise has a relatively unknown cast. His character holds no special place in the narrative and hurts the picture instead of strengthening it. But that’s just one decision of many that leads THE LAST MANHUNT astray, much like its characters aimlessly wandering through the desert. Though its screenplay isn’t full of bland dialog like most Westerns these days, it lacks sharpness and direction. It staggers along. The movie takes forever to get where its going and the performances aren’t interesting enough to keep us engaged along the journey.

I say all this with a sense of disappointment. I wanted this (and every new Western I see) to knock my spurs off. I want to be surprised. I wanted to believe that THE LAST MANHUNT might have been a Western gem that slipped through the cracks. Sadly it isn’t.

Watched on Tubi.